Friday, April 19, 2024
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India’s religious & economic transformation challenging Pakistan

India’s religious & economic transformation

Mamoon Azeem India finds itself at a pivotal juncture with the recent passage of a bill in Uttarakhand, a northern state governed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP, proposing a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). This code aims to replace religion-specific civil laws with a standardized set applicable to all, challenging the current diverse legal frameworks that vary across religions. The Uniform Civil Code has been a longstanding constitutional recommendation with the idea of a unified set of rules for all citizens. The recent provisions under the new law include theRead More

Leave India if you can’t help eating beef: BJP minister

Muslim women carrying beef beaten up

NEW DELHI: Advocating a ban on cow slaughter, Indian Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has said that all those who wanted to eat beef could go to Pakistan. “It is not about loss or profit. It is an issue of faith and belief. It is a sensitive matter for the Hindus,” said the minister, adding that even a number of Indian Muslims were against the slaughtering of cows. “Those who are dying without eating beef can go to Pakistan or Arab countries or any other part of worldRead More