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Hrithik Roshan escaped the Istanbul airport blast by few hours

Hrithik Roshan

NEW DELHI: In a tweet to his fans the 42-year-old actor, “missed connecting flight at Istanbul and were stuck at airport. Next flight was next day, but took economy and flew out earlier.” The actor was on a vacation to Spain and Africa with his two sons and was returning to India via Turkey, Indian media reported. He had earlier tweeted that he was visiting Africa.

Helicopter crash survivor Ambassador Emilian unfolds facts

ISLAMABAD, MAY 12: Survivor of helicopter crash Emilian ION Ambassador of Romania, giving
 details of the accident, on Tuesday. DNA PHoto Shahid Raju

Helicopter crash survivor Ambassador Emilian unfolds facts Says it is a miracle to be safe and sound after the crash; shares agonizing moments when chopper was coming down; praises military and civilians for rescue operations; prays for the victims ISLAMABAD, May 12 (DNA) –Ambassador of Romania Emilian Ion, who survived miraculously in Naltar helicopter crash, has said it is a miracle that he is alive today keeping in view the way his helicopter crashed.

Verdicts on police in mob killing of a lady delayed

Afghan residents look at the site where an Afghan woman was beaten to death and her body set alight by a mob, in Kabul on March 20, 2015.  An Afghan woman was beaten to death and her body was set on fire by a mob in Kabul on March 19 for allegedly burning a copy of the Koran, police officials said.  AFP PHOTO / SHAH MaraiSHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images

KABUL, 10 MAY, (DNA) – An Afghan judge has postponed issuing verdicts for the 19 police officers charged over the mob killing of a woman in Kabul. Safiullah Mojadedi said in this respect that more time is need to complete the investigation into the officers, who are charged with failing to prevent the March 19 attack on the woman named Farkhunda. He did not specifically say when he’d issue the verdicts. Of the 49 defendants charged over the slaying, four have been sentenced to death and eight to 16 yearsRead More