Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Romanian ambassador meets education minister

ISLAMABAD, JUNE 30 (DNA) – Dean of Europe Emilian ION, Ambassador of Romania met with the Education Minister Engr. Balighur Rehman and extended to him invitation to visit Romania. The minister thanked the Romanian ambassador and committed to visit Romania as soon as possible. The Romanian ambassador apprised the education minister of various opportunities which Romania offered in the fields of higher education and science and technology. The ambassador told the minister, Romania being the 7th largest economy of the European Union, had a great deal to offer to PakistaniRead More

Helicopter crash survivor Ambassador Emilian unfolds facts

Helicopter crash survivor Ambassador Emilian unfolds facts Says it is a miracle to be safe and sound after the crash; shares agonizing moments when chopper was coming down; praises military and civilians for rescue operations; prays for the victims ISLAMABAD, May 12 (DNA) –Ambassador of Romania Emilian Ion, who survived miraculously in Naltar helicopter crash, has said it is a miracle that he is alive today keeping in view the way his helicopter crashed.