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US makes no changes in policy towards Pakistan

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NEW YORK, 05 SEP (DNA) – Scholar belonging to one of United States think tanks, Nicholas Field on Monday has denied reports of any change in state’s policies towards India and Pakistan amidst growing US-India ties

Reportedly, Field has stated that Pakistan is a key player in the region and if Indian lobby in the United States reserves viewpoint that it succeeded in isolating Pakistan then it should reconsider its approach. Pakistan is and will remain a key player in the region, he said.

He also said that John Kerry, Secretary of State, during his visit to India had cleared it to the authorities that United States was concerned over the worst treatment of minorities in India. Field said that India would need to make minorities and their freedom of practice secure in order to better its image in the world.

The scholar admitted that the reason behind a significant growth in cooperation between India and United States is to counter China and its growing economy, adding that the United States would never want to coercively confront Pakistan.

However, he did not deny that Pentagon and State Department have some outstanding issues as far as reconciliation process in Afghanistan is concerned. But, he cleared that those issues did not have the potential of jeopardizing bilateral terms with Pakistan.

He reiterated that United States is not going to bring any change in its policy towards Pakistan and cooperation between the two sides would continue, a private television channel reported Monday

On the other hand, it should be noted here that according to a report of a US-based news agency, a tweet of an intelligence agency has revitalized the tensions between China and the United States.

Report suggests that the tweet was about the fact that Obama, President of the United States was given an alternate exit out of the Air Force One instead of a red carpet welcome after he landed in Chinese Hangzhou for G20 Summit 2016.

Analysts have interpreted the development as a depiction of Chinese friction with the United States. DNA

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