Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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PPP welcomes Islamabad High Court decision


ISLAMABAD, APR 8 /DNA/ – Pakistan Peoples Party has expressed pleasure and welcomed the decision of the Islamabad High Court to null and void the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) amendment ordinance. Central Information Secretary of PPP-P and member of the National Assembly Shazia Atta Marri has said that Pakistan Peoples Party has warmly welcomed and expressed its pleasure on the Islamabad High Court’s decision to declare Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act amendment ordinance unconstitutional and she  termed it, the victory of the constitution of Pakistan. This she expressed in a  statement issued hereon today.

Shazia Marri said that we congratulate the entire nation and the journalists community of the country over this constitutional victory. Islamabad Court’s decision regarding the rejection of PECA ordinance is immense pleasureable to all of us because selected Imran Khan Niazi wanted to snatch the freedom of the  expression of the common man like the dictators of the past.

Ms Marri said that Pakistan Peoples Party had already rejected darconian black law of PECA, today, Islamabad High Court has taken a constitutional step by declaring the PECA amendment ordinance as  unconstitutional move. She added that Imran Khan’s government has turned the  President House into center of conspiracies.

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