Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Pakistan facing current crises due to absence of rule of law: Khan


ISLAMABAD, JAN 20: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan made it clear that Pakistan was facing multidimensional problems at present mainly due to absence of rule of law and justice system, as it could be judged from the fact that the biggest thieves of the country were given clear-chit in billions of corruption cases and were imposed on the nation through conspiracy.

Addressing the “Rule of Law” conference via video link here on Friday, he said that the imported government amended NAB laws to absolve corrupt of individuals.

Khan said: “Name any other world leader who secured NRO after looting the country.” PTI Chairman said that the notorious dacoits were imposed on the country through conspiracy and ousted the well-performing PTI government.

He stated that all these crooks were mainly responsible for plunging the country into the current complex situation so how one can expect from these thieves to get the country out of the prevailing crises.

He maintained that those who had destroyed the institutions could not rectify and fix them, adding that fight against corruption and injustice is a Jihad in his view.

Imran Khan said that look at the justice system in Pakistan as being the ex-prime minister and head of the largest political party of the country was unable to get registered FIR of his choice of a gun attack against him due to pressure from some other quarters so what to talk of common people.

PTI Chairman stated that the police were taking instructions from elsewhere, as they were not even ready to listen them despite his party was in power in Punjab.

He also claimed that the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was pressured and its members changed their statements in court, adding that the police official who involved in recording video of the accused refused to appear before the investigating team.

Khan recalled the PTI-led government’s contributions, saying, “During our tenure, the industries and agriculture sectors saw growth, while remittances and exports were witnessed considerable increase.” He said: “There has never been such a big crisis in the history of the country, that Pakistan is stuck in a quagmire.”

He also highlighted the significant increase in default risk for Pakistan, which rose from 5% in April 2022 to 90%. Imran Khan emphasized that true prosperity cannot be achieved without justice.

Khan said the world believed Pakistan was heading towards a Sri Lanka-like situation. Imran Khan expressed fear that the country would be running out of funds for purchasing oil like Sri Lanka.

Lashing out at Shehbaz Sharif, he said that the rulers kept marketing the issues of flood victims and lost their dignity by acting like beggars before the world.

He also slammed Sharif by saying that he faced embarrassment after offering friendly ties with India through dialogues without addressing the ongoing issue of Indian actions in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that the country has never been in such crisis in the history as it was today. He was of the view that Pakistan is not in a position to bargain with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) amid the prevailing situation. He said that IMF would only provide loans to Pakistan if the government accepts its strict conditions which will increase the inflation by up to 50%.

Khan has said that the imported government was being given aid from any international financial institutions and even friendly country was also reluctant to help the country, as Saudi Arabia also linked financial assistance with reforms.

He observed that the country could not make progress until justice system was established in the country. He said: “The two families – Sharif and Zardari have been in power for the last 30 years, who ruined the once well-performing country, resultantly India and Bangladesh developed faster than Pakistan. Imran Khan stated that the two families are getting richer and richer due to their corruption whereas the country is becoming poorer and poorer.

Khan said that how foreign investment came to Pakistan when overseas Pakistanis’ plots and properties had been encroached and usurped. He stated that the current economic crisis was a man-made crisis and the government was still expecting financial assistance from China and Saudi Arabia, adding that nobody was ready to give Pakistan money.

Imran Khan urged that the lawyer community to come forward as they could take the country out of the current swamp.

He said that the only solution was to restore rule of law and bring the mighty and powerful people under the law.

However, he made it clear that until, they joined hands to deal with these powerful mafia, the situation could not change for better; hence they would have to do a jihad for establishing a justice system. DNA

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