Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Karachittes spent Rs15 billion on 70th Independence Day: report

KARACHI, AUG 15 (DNA) – With law and order situation keeps on improving in Pakistan’s economical hub, Karachittes spent whooping Rs15 billion to celebrate 70th Independence Day with traditional zeal and zest.

As per stats acquired’ investigation cell, residents of metropolis bought 50 million flags whereas Independence Day linked shopping feast continued for almost two weeks.

All Pakistan Traders Union Chairman Attiq Mir told correspondent that the figure stood at Rs10 billion for the same event in the previous year.

“Nation displayed unprecedented love with country this year whereas passion was at all-time high. In fact, night of 13th August was more colorful than Chand Rat (night before Eid’s 1st day),” stated Attiq.

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