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California shooting: Act of individual does not represent a country or religion, says Nisar

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ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday referring to the recent shooting in California said that the act of an individual does not represent a country or religion and added that every Pakistani who has a heart and has some understanding will condemn the incident.
Nisar termed the shooting as an attempt to malign Islam and Muslims and said that ‘such incidents are making life difficult for Pakistan and Muslim diaspora’.
“The wrongdoing of an individual Muslim or Pakistani does not mean the entire country or religion is at fault.”
“The Western world in particular and world in general is getting the impression that whatever these extremists are doing is actually Islam,” said Nisar
He said Islam’s teachings start with peace and end with peace.”Whatever these terrorists are doing has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims,” said the Interior Minister.
About the facts of case, he said that they are the same as you have got through media, that the shooter Tashfeen Malik, shifted to Saudi Arabi nearly 25 years ago and that she was a resident of Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab.
He also lauded the US government’s approach regarding the case adding that extremists, far right elements in US administration and public are criticising the US government for not blaming Muslims and Pakistanis for terrorism but the government has so far refused to take such line.
He criticised the media for reporting that a US delegation had met prime minister to discuss the California shooting adding that the report was false and no such meeting took place.
Nisar, however, claimed that Pakistan has assured US authorities of full cooperation during their probe into the matter.

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