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Jam Kamal highlights deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan, Australia

Jam Kamal

ISLAMABAD, May 3 (DNA): Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan on Friday highlighted the deep-rooted friendly relations between Pakistan and Australia, which spanned over political, economic, and defence sectors.

He was speaking as a chief guest at a ceremony held to celebrate ‘Australia Day in Spring’ to mark the enduring ties between the two nations, a news release said.

Prominent among those who attended the ceremony was Australia’s High Commissioner in Pakistan Neil Hawkins.

The minister emphasized the significance of sports, particularly cricket, squash, and hockey in fostering mutual recognition between Australia and Pakistan, noting Neil Hawkins’ enthusiasm for hockey.

Turning to bilateral ties, Jam Kamal underscored Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening its relationship with Australia and emphasized mutual respect and cooperation.

He praised Australia’s role as a development partner, especially in sectors such as agriculture and education.

Addressing trade relations, the minister acknowledged the existing trade surplus enjoyed by Australia and emphasized the untapped potential for further collaboration.

He outlined Pakistan’s major exports to Australia, including textiles rice, surgical equipment and steel products, noting recent increases in imports of Canola and other commodities from Australia.

Proposing new steps to enhance bilateral cooperation, Jam Kamal called for intensified efforts to deepen agro-trade and urged the reduction of trade barriers.

He highlighted the need for a level playing field in textiles and encouraged exploration of new avenues such as agro-tech industries and fruit exports.

Expressing gratitude for the Pakistani diaspora in Australia, the minister praised their contributions across various fields and commended the Australian Government’s recognition of their efforts.

He also thanked Australia for offering scholarships to Pakistani students under various education schemes.

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