Friday, April 19, 2024
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Air Chief signs MoU with Turkish Air Force

IZMIR: Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force has signed an MoU with Turkish Air Force at the opening ceremony of Multinational Military Flight Crew Training (MMFCT) Centre at Izmir, Turkey on Wednesday.

Both the Air Forces have agreed to exchange two pilots for training every year. This would enhance the bilateral relations at grass root level.

The main purpose of Multinational Military Flight Crew Training Centre (MMFCT-C) is to provide comprehensive training solutions to Fighter Pilots of Allies and to develop flight training tactics and techniques in line with NATO’s operational requirements.

It would also hone the interoperability amongst Allies and partners for future operations and exercises.

It is pertinent to mention that two fighter pilots from PAF are already performing instructional duties at MMFCT.

Air Chief also visited the Headquarters of Turkish Air Force, where he was given a comprehensive brief on the working of TuAF.

He called on General Akın ÖZTÜRK, Commander Turkish Air Force.

Both the dignitaries remained together for sometimes and discussed various matters of professional interest and mutual cooperation.

General Abidin UNAL, Commander AC&AD was also present at the occasion.

Air Chief will also participate in multi Air Forces exercise “Anatolian Eagle” at Konya, Turkey where a contingent of 86 personnel and six multi-role F-16 of Pakistan Air Force are already participating in exercise.

Participation in a multi-national air exercise in Turkey shall be an interesting as well as challenging task for Falcons of the PAF.

Besides Pakistan, leading air forces from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Qatar, NATO and Turkey with their latest aircraft and platforms are orchestrating air battle scenarios in demanding operational environments.


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