Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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PTI seeks SC’s intervention against attempts to push Khan out of electoral race illegally

Imran Khan Remains in Good Spirits Despite Challenging Conditions

Requests top court to take immediate notice of worst HR abuses
Hopes cycle of oppression, brutality would surely fail, truth would prevail

ISLAMABAD, OCT 6: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Core Committee requested the Supreme Court (SC) to take immediate notice of attempts to deprive PTI Chairman Imran Khan of his fundamental right to a fair trial through false cases and flawed trials.
PTI Core committee discussed various important issues pertaining to the ongoing courts’ hearing against PTI Chairman Imran Khan in numerous fake, concocted and fabricated cases including the cipher
The participants of the meeting said that PTI Chairman was being targeted purely on political grounds and attempts were being made to push him out of the electoral race through illegal and undemocratic methods owing to his unprecedented popularity.
They revealed that Imran Khan was being targeted in a very hasty and fake cases in sheer violation of laws without waiting for the courts’ decisions. However, PTI Core Committee made it clear that the nation would not accept the murder of justice in any other case after Toshakhana case.
About the forthcoming general elections, the participants of the meeting urged the top court to immediately hear and decide the petitions to ensure holding elections within the constitutionally mandated time period of 90 days.
They recalled that the Election Commission of Pakistan had committed a criminal deviance from the Constitution by not adhering to the court’s orders to conduct elections of Punjab and Pakhtunkhwa assemblies.
PTI core committee stated that owing to the rising popularity of Imran Khan and PTI, preparations were being made once again to violate the constitution once again by not holding the elections within the constitutional period of ninety days.
They demanded that the SC should intervene by fulfilling the constitutional requirement to protect and safeguard the Constitution and made the electoral watchdog and the caretaker government bound to conduct the elections within the stipulated timeframe.
PTI Core Committee said that the apex court should stop the caretaker government for taking actions beyond its constitutional jurisdiction, including privatization, adding that the caretaker government should hold free, fair and on time polls.
They made it clear that Pakistan’s economic development could not possible without political stability, which could only be achieved through the elected government with mandate.
The forum warned that postponing the elections and insisting on national decision-making through an unelected government would lead to economic and political instability and chaos in the country.
PTI Core Committee also reviewed the contents and background of the interview of PTI central leader Usman Dar, its contents and background in detail, adding that there was no such precedent in our history of abducting political leaders through brutal use of state force and forcing them to give statements of the choice of the state kidnappers.
They expressed hope that this vicious cycle of oppression and brutality would surely fail and the truth would prevail.
The forum appealed to the apex court to put a halt on the ongoing the worst violations of human rights and take immediate measures to restore the basic constitutional rights of the citizens.
PTI also demanded the highest court to ensure immediate recovery and release of the forcibly disappeared and unlawful detained PTI leaders, workers and activists.
In the meeting, the participants also discussed the PTI political strategy, besides taking important decisions.

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