Sunday, October 1, 2023
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PTI censures Shehbaz for lies even after wreaked havoc in the country

Puppet PM could not hide his ineptness, incompetence through false rhetoric: PTI spokesperson
Vows people to take revenge from PDM clique in next polls

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lambasted the puppet outgoing Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for not shying away from speaking blatant lies even after wreaking havoc with the country due to his16-month worst, fascist and inept government.
PTI spokesperson, in his reaction to puppet PM’s conversation with journalists, said that the unlawful government of the imported prime minister, which was imposed on the country through a conspiracy has come to an end, the clown even then did not hesitate to tell a lie after inflicting colossal damage to the country.
He said that as usual, the speech of the dummy PM was a collection of lies and rhetoric and a desperate attempt to cover up abysmal performance of his worst and incompetent government.
PTI spokesperson stated that the statements based on distorted facts to hide their incompetence and worst performance cannot influence the nation in any way, adding that the PDM government proved to be the worst government in history, from the economic murder of the people to the usurpation of their basic rights.
He noted that the government of incompetents surged the inflation rate from 11% to the highest rate of 38%, plunging around 24 to 25% more population below poverty line, besides the callous rulers gradually eliminated the poor-centric subsidy compounded the miseries of the people manifolds.
PTI Spokesperson stated that due to the incompetence of this clique, the growth rate fell from 6% to negative due to which industries were closed, triggering a flood of unemployment.
Moreover, he said that the poverty-stricken and inflation-ridden masses were crushed under the burden of back-breaking inflation as even the people were struggle to arrange two times meals to their children because the tyrannical government jacked up power tariff rates from Rs 16 to Rs 50 per unit, besides increasing alarming the prices of flour, sugar and other food items.
PTI Spokesperson said that about 12 lakh people have left Pakistan in utter disappointment because of the atrocities of the ruthless government, adding that the seeds of hatred and chaos were sown in the society through state and government resources by sealing the lips of media.
He stated that these criminals flouted the constitution, law, democracy and the human rights of citizens in order to wave off their corruption cases, adding that they exploited FIA and NAB and made the institutions practically inactive to secure NRO-2.
PTI spokesperson said that the people of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were deprived of their constitutional right to vote by trampling the order of the Supreme Court, adding that the PDM clique made every attempt to justify evading the polls for fear of crushing defeat.
He stated that even after the end of the coalition government, efforts were being made to delay the polls through various unjustifiable and unlawful excuses.
The PTI spokesperson lamented that freedom of expression was strangled, as journalists, who had free opinions, were being mercilessly targeted, adding that the reality of Shehbaz Sharif, who built a tower of prosperity and development through advertisements, was now before the nation like daylight.
He stated that this person should be ashamed of lying to the nation after exposing his incompetence, and fascism before the nation, as the nation was marked “Thanksgiving day” on their departure.
The PTI spokesperson made it clear that in the upcoming elections, the people would hold them accountable and would take revenge from them the destruction the caused to the country.

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