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PM vows to safeguard Pakistan’s sovereignty, security

ISLAMABAD, Sept 05 (DNA): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while expressing his government’s resolve to safeguard country’s sovereignty and security said there would be no compromise on the defence of the Pakistan.In a message on the Defence Day of Pakistan, the Prime Minister said the day reminds us of the unflinching resolve, determination, courage and bravery of the Pakistani nation.“Today we are celebrating the golden jubilee of those memorable moments, when our brave armed forces not only successfully defended its frontiers but also thwarted the nefarious designs of the enemy,” the Prime Minister said in his message.

He said “the nation today pays its respect to its martyrs and ghazis, who charted out new chapters in the annals of history with shining examples of valour and courage, and did not hesitate from rendering the supreme sacrifice of laying down their lives.”
The Prime Minister said the same spirit of service to the nation and dedication to the duty, remains a hallmark of the armed forces today.

“Our courageous officers and jawans, while following in the footsteps of their glorious past, are defending the internal and external frontiers, successfully.”

The Prime Minister said the armed forces of Pakistan, apart from keeping a vigil on the air, sea and land frontiers, have also played an unprecedented role in addressing the internal issues, like terrorism.

He said the success of the operation Zarb-e-Azb was a proof that the armed forces of the country were fully capable of fully meeting any challenge to the national security.

The exemplary unity exhibited by the political and military leadership in eliminating terrorism is a worthwhile addition to country’s glorious history, he said.

He said the show of national unanimity has made it obvious to all enemies of Pakistan that the nation stands united to thwart any threat to national security and sovereignty.

“The Pakistani nation, the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies are determined to wipe out the scourge of terrorism from the country,” Prime Minister Sharif added.

The Prime Minister also spoke high of the courage and valour of all those who laid down their lives and of their loved ones in the war against terrorism, and were forced to leave their homes and bear material and economic losses.

“I assure them that their sacrifices would not go vain. The government and the armed forces of Pakistan are taking all necessary steps for the rehabilitation and return of the temporarily displaced persons.”
Prime Minister Sharif said there was no doubt that Pakistan is a responsible and peaceful nuclear State. DNA

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