Friday, May 20, 2022
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Pieces of wooden furniture on display

By A B Khan

Usama bin Murad’s creative   whimsies seem to invite art lovers with aesthetics eyes   to walk right into an exhibition pregnant with pieces of wooden furniture on display. The gallery nestled in a lush green surrounding at Chak Shahzad farms, blended well with the piecesput on show.

The rustic walls of the site too,  complemented the wooded artifacts which the designer has baptized in a very creative and classic manner. The Renaissance end tables,Slate end tables, Vintage Almirah, Classicalcoffee Table  and  the Neo-classical leaf  Coffee table took  the visitors on a medieval journey and made them   a royalty being served  in  one of the  umpteen rooms  in a castle  located at the  out skirts of Scotland .

 The manicured garden at the Chak Shahzad farms  complimented well ,  the Country Coffee tables, Country Kitchen island , Garden Tables  set, aptly   suited  to  relax  on a sunny  day , with a  book of one’s choice and enjoy a hot cup of tea  in earl flavor. The  Renaissance Table lamps, intricately designed  in an rot iron case pegged in the marble base on a wooden slate made a statement for the guests. The labor and craftsmanship, the architect cum furniture designer has put into work, speaks for itself.

 This exhibition translates the imagination of the designer whose creations are not just for sale but appreciated by his peers as well. All the work on exhibit is made with incredible precision so they also have the quality of fine engineering- particularly the way separate pieces like stone, iron and wood are joined together or have different forms   of hinge.

Usama’s first exhibition of household furniture was held 25 years ago and became a regular feature for the denizens of Islamabad. He has also showcased his work in Middle East which earned him accolades internationally.

“Due to Covid, it was not practically possible  for  him to hold an exhibition so he  got time to work on different techniques and formations during this period  and this is the reason that  there is more than just chairs and tables  for the  salivating  eyes , appreciating the work.  Usama’s magnum opus has always been rot iron, wood and stones makeover into a piece of art which a lay man calls “Furniture”.  The exhibition is open for one week and the designer can be contacted at 0333–5116674

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