Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Palestine, Chile, and Mexico unite to push for justice at the ICC


RAMALLAH, JAN 19 /DNA/ – The State of Palestine welcomes the referral to the International Criminal Court on the Situation in the State of Palestine by Chile and Mexico. The referral confirms the urgent need for the Court to fulfil its mandate, to deter, investigate, and prosecute the most serious crimes of concern for the international community.

The referral by Chile and Mexico comes two months after South Africa, Djibouti, Bangladesh, Cameron, and Bolivia referred the situation in the State of Palestine to the Court over genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed by Israeli officials. Since then, Israel has killed over 13,000 Palestinians, including over 5,000 children while consolidating its use of starvation as a method of war as its officials felt emboldened to publicly state their intent to destroy the Palestinian people.

Israeli officials are not deterred as they continue with their genocidal war. The State of Palestine joins Chile and Mexico in reminding the Prosecutor of his duties to establish the truth, ensure effective investigation, pursue criminal responsibility, and issue arrest warrants. The Court must fulfil its mandate towards Palestinian victims and ensure justice for crimes committed by Israeli officials, without fear or favor.

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