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Niaz support, Moawin Foundation join hands

Moawin Foundation

To mobilize children with disabilities in Pakistan Niaz support, Moawin Foundation join hands


Islamabad, Jan 19: In a historic move that unfolded yesterday, Niaz Support and Moawin Foundation are pleased to announce a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at empowering children with disabilities in Pakistan. Hussain Odhwani, the Founder of Niaz Support and Admiral M. Asif Sandila, the esteemed former Chief of Naval Staff and Chairman of Moawin Foundation formalized their dedication to this noble cause by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The mission of this collaboration is to provide mobility solutions to children with disabilities, enabling them to access education and build a brighter future. Both organizations have already begun actively assessing areas across Pakistan, identifying children in need of mobility assistance. Through a joint effort, Niaz Support and Moawin Foundation will work towards providing custom-tailored wheelchairs, considering the unique needs and body measurements of each child. The ultimate goal is to foster their complete inclusion in society.

Admiral Sandila, ex-Chief of Naval Staff and Chairman of Moawin Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We believe that every child, regardless of physical challenges, deserves the opportunity to receive an education. This collaboration with Niaz Support aligns perfectly with Moawin Foundation’s vision of empowering the marginalized.”

Hussain Odhwani, Founder of Niaz Support, emphasized the importance of this initiative, saying, “Our aim is to break down barriers hindering the education of children with disabilities. By providing them with customized wheelchairs, we are not only offering mobility but also opening doors to education and a better future.”

On January 19, 2024, the formal signing of the MOU transpired at the Moawin Foundation Head Office. Commander (R) Dr. Naeem Tariq, GM Programmes of Moawin Foundation, and Hammad Malik, Honorary Ambassador of Niaz Support, appended their signatures to the MOU in the presence of Admiral (R) M. Asif Sandila and Hussain Odhwani, accompanied by representatives from both organizations. This marks a noteworthy stride in fostering a more inclusive and accessible society for children with disabilities in Pakistan.

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