Friday, March 1, 2024
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Pakistan Indonesia Business Forum Urges New FPCCI Leadership to Strengthen Trade Ties

Pakistan Indonesia Business Council


KARACHI: The Pakistan Indonesia Business Council (PIBC) Chairman Abid Nisar extended his congratulations to the Businessmen Panel Progressive and the United Business Group (UBG) Alliance for their success in the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) elections. This victory has been hailed as an auspicious development.

In light of the current challenging economic circumstances, Abid Nisar expressed optimism about the newly elected officials of FPCCI, emphasizing the high expectations the business community holds for them. He believes that the Federation will actively engage in addressing the issues confronted by the trade and industry sectors.

Furthermore, he anticipates that the elected representatives will leverage all available resources to assist businesses, navigate challenges, and boost the country’s exports.

Abid Nisar also conveyed his congratulations to UBG Patron and Caretaker Provincial Minister for Industries & Commerce S.M. Tanveer, as well as to the newly elected Federation President Atif Ikram, Senior Vice President Saquib Fayyaz Magoon, and Vice Presidents, including Shabbir Mansha Churra, Khurram Ijaz, and Adeel Siddiqui. He attributed the success of BMPP and UBG Alliance in the election to their concerted efforts.

He further emphasized that the current challenges faced by the trade and industry sectors are exceptionally severe, posing a threat to their survival. In this critical juncture, the Federation must assume a pivotal role in fostering economic activities and generating substantial employment opportunities, thereby contributing to an increase in domestic exports.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Indonesia Business Council urged the newly elected officials of FPCCI to prioritize the enhancement of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Indonesia. He highlighted the vast opportunities for trade collaboration between the two nations but underscored the necessity for earnest efforts in this regard. Specifically, he emphasized the urgency of fostering communication between the business communities of Pakistan and Indonesia, promoting the exchange of trade delegations, and reviewing the tradable products in the markets of both countries.

Expressing the commitment of the Pakistan Indonesia Business Council, Abid Nisar affirmed their readiness to extend all possible cooperation and support to FPCCI in this endeavor.

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