Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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P50 Pocket will be the newest foldable phone of Huawei

Shenzhen, DEC 19: Huawei no longer has access to Android or Google services, but this does not prevent it from designing and producing new phones, one of which is the upcoming foldable smartphone, Huawei P50 Pocket.

The phone will be revealed on December 23 and it could already be seen in the Chinese social media Weibo with some adversarial images of the phone in the hands of the singer Guan Xiaotong.

Apart from being a foldable phone, the most interesting thing about the phone is its gold and silver color options. Furthermore, it also seems like Huawei is focusing on the elegance of the phone, giving it a design pattern that is not flat rather with some small waves.

In the rear part, next to the camera lenses, there is a small circular screen that shows not just details like the hour or the date, but it can also serve as a screen for selfies without needing to open up the phone.

Regarding its technicalities, there are not many details revealed for now, but what is certain is that it will work with some version of HarmonyOS, the operative system of Huawei. About the chipsetmemory, or camera specifications, however, there is no information. But, because it is a foldable smartphone, it is expected to have features within the high-end class.

Having said all of that, P50 Pocket is not the first foldable of Huawei. The Chinese technology brand had released models like Mate X before this that closes vertically, which is why didn’t offer exactly a pocket phone experience like the new P50 Pocket offers even with its name.

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