Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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OGRA holds workshop on Safety and Compliance of Rules and Regulations

ISLAMABAD, SEPT 21 (DNA) – A one-day workshop, ‘driving change’ on the challenges of regulatory body – monitoring and compliance of rules and regulations and carrying out inspections, reporting and the role of Third Party Inspectors in the implementation of OGRA Rules and Regulations was held in a local hotel. 

17 number OGRA prequalified Third Party Inspectors including HDIP were invited to present and highlight areas of focus where ‘change’ is required for better implementation of OGRA rules and regulations. All TPIs presented their ideas and the questions were asked by participants after each presentation. The Chairman OGRA informed that arranging this interactive session is primarily to bring positive change in the organization and to explore opportunities through discourse as how to improve compliance and to ensure safety and security in the country.

He further added that through change and self- belief we can make OGRA as the leading regulatory body in Pakistan driving safety agenda. The objective of this one-day workshop was to reiterate OGRA’s vision to become world-class regulator and implement internationally recognized top-class safety standards in processes, facilities covering LPG, Petroleum products, CNG, LNG, Storage terminals, Refineries and Pipelines reiterated by Mr. Masroor Khan. 

“OGRA is focused to achieve brilliance by aligning its current standards and procedures with International Practices towards standardization without the intent of reinventing the wheel.” Chairman OGRAAt the end around 100 participants gave their ideas as to where they see OGRA in near future especially in the fields of Oil, LPG, LNG, CNG, Petrol Pumps, Oil Terminals and Refineries, Pipelines, Lubricants, etc.

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