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Norwegian Pakistanis can support in tourism development: Riffat 

OSLO, 13 JAN, (DNA) – Pakistan Ambassador to Norway Ms Riffat Masood has suggested that Norwegian Pakistanis specially their social and cultural organizations can play an important role in tourism development in Pakistan.

She was talking to Pakistani Intellectual and Doctoral Researcher Syed Sibtain Shah, who met her at Embassy of Pakistan in Oslo. A veteran Norwegian Pakistani Mian Mohammad Islam who was also present in the meeting, updated the Ambassador on issues of Norwegian Pakistanis related to Pakistan.

The ambassador said, she raised this suggestion while meeting with office bearers of different Norwegian Pakistani organizations and as well during visit to their religious and cultural centers in the recent weeks.

Ms Riffat Masood who already served at Pakistani diplomatic missions in different Western and Asian countries, has been appointed as Ambassador of Pakistan to Norway.

The Ambassador said, Norwegian Pakistani Organizations are very active and they have ability to build stronger connections their new generation to Pakistan.

Ambassador Riffat Masood explained that Pakistan has several beautiful and historical places and tours can be arranged for Islamabad, Lahore, Muree, Swat and other areas.

The youth can visit Pakistan under the arrangement of the organizations during college and school’s vacations. The Pakistani Research Scholar Syed Sibtain Shah lauded the proposal and said, such effort can create better image of Pakistan as youth can spread positive impression on their return.

He also admitted that Norwegian Pakistanis are socially well-connected with each other and their organizations are energetically working in Norway.

About relations between Pakistan and Norway, the Ambassador said, both the countries have good relations with each other and Norwegian Pakistanis have important role for strengthening the ties. Norway and Pakistan have close cooperation in different fields.

About Norwegian Pakistanis, she further said, Pakistanis in Norway have created good image through their hardworking and honesty and they are also active in Norwegian politics. Some of them became members of local and central parliament and still there are members in the parliaments from Pakistani origin.

Syed Sibtain Shah also met deputy head of mission Ibrar Hussain Khan at his office at the embassy. =DNA

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