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Navy sailor shows courage and rescues a tourist family in Deosai

Navy sailor shows rescues a tourist family in Deosai

SKARDU, 15 JULY, (DNA) – Pakistan Navy’s sailor of Special Services Group (SSG) showed nonpareil courage and rescued a tourist family at Deosai, Skardu.

Dilawar Hussain of Pakistan Navy Special Services Group rescued a tourist family which was on a visit to Deosai, Skardu.

Incident happened when the jeep boarded with a family struck in fast stream of water while crossing the river. Dilawar Hussain, displaying the highest sense of chivalry rescued all the family members including the female and children in the jeep.

The tourist family and local of the area appreciated the valour and courage of the Pakistan Navy’s SSG (N), Dilawar Hussain. =DNA


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