Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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‘Pakistan partner of China’s BRI through CPEC’

ISLAMABAD, APR 30 (DNA) — Former Finance Minister, Salman Shah said that being China’s friend  and a partner of the Belt and Road Initiative through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has great significance for Pakistan. In an interview with China Media Group’s Urdu Service, he emphasized the mutual benefits of strong China-Pakistan ties, advocating for increased investment, exports, tourism and connectivity between the two countries.

Salman Shah highlighted the importance of China’s extensive cooperation with other countries, especially Pakistan, in adopting digitalization, artificial intelligence and the emerging virtual economy. He underlined China’s status as the world’s largest market and predicted rapid growth due to rising per capita income, an attractive opportunity for investors.

Salman Shah praised China’s strategic initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative, which connects China to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Regarding China’s Economic Development, he underscored the new quality manufacturing forces driving China’s economic growth and China’s importance to global investors.

When asked about the role of new standard productive forces in China’s development, he was of the view that China’s development today is amazing. He said that China is currently leading the world in many new fields, adding, the world should learn from China’s economic model. 

Regarding the new standard production forces, he said that China is using all modern means including big data and artificial intelligence in its development. He rejected criticism by West over China’s so-called “economic overcapacity”, he emphasized that China’s development potential is vast. 

Salman Shah urged investors to take advantage of the growing Chinese market, citing opportunities in various sectors. He said that as China continues to drive innovation and growth, the attractiveness of the Chinese market will be more sustainable. These qualities make the Chinese market attractive to global stakeholders.

Salman Shah expressed gratitude for China’s willingness to cooperate with Pakistan, predicting a mutually beneficial partnership in the coming years. — DNA

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