Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Maryam says early elections suit PML- N


SARGODHA: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said that instead of shouldering the burden of ‘filth’ left by Imran Khan, the PML-N should quit the government and go for fresh elections.

Addressing a public gathering in Sargodha on Thursday, Maryam said that her proposal may make people wonder why PML-N took to the government for only one month.

She supplied the answer by saying that Imran Khan had plans for ruling for ten years by rigging the next elections and the PML-N had thwarted those plans by assuming power.

Maryam Nawaz asked the supporters whether the PML-N should shoulder the burden of Khan’s failure or quit the government and then said, “I am with you. I say that [instead of continue with] a government that crush people under inflation, it is better to say it goodbye. Say it goodbye and come out in the field of people and compete.”

“Tell me, if Nawaz Sharif, for your sake, leaves the government, would you give him two-third majority to put the country the correct court?”

Maryam Nawaz began by saying that the people of Pakistan were demanding the return of Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan to solve their problem.

She said that Nawaz Sharif restored peace in Pakistan by working jointly with the security agencies of the country and ended load-shedding.

She said that Imran Khan destroyed the economy in his three and a half years of government.

Maryam Nawaz accused Imran Khan of concocting lies about ‘foreign conspiracy’ and reminded him that he had failed to produce evidence about his ‘35 punctures drama’ — a reference to Imran Khan’s claim about poll rigging in 35 constituencies in the 2013 elections.

She claimed that Imran Khan’s statement about threats to his life was also a lie.

The PML-N leader called Imran Khan a liar and made her support chant ‘liar, liar’.

She said Imran Khan Khan was hurling expletives against the judiciary until Wednesday afternoon when the Supreme Court conducted proceedings on the suo moto notice (of government interference in the prosecution of high profile cases involving persons of authority).

Maryam Nawaz Sharif said that if the top court had taken suo moto notice “against Shehbaz Sharif,” it should also take suo moto notice on the serious allegations levelled by former FIA director-general Bashir Memon against Imran Khan.

She said that Imran Khan used inappropriate language against and attacked state institutions, judiciary, and media.

Maryam also called out President Alvi’s son for using strong language against institution.

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