Friday, May 20, 2022
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Mandarin-speaking Help Desk set up to facilitate Chinese investors


ISLAMABAD, Mar 16: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has set up a designated Help Desk to facilitate investors from China, the Commission said, according to Gwadar Pro.

In a statement, SECP elaborated that the Chinese Help Desk was staffed with a team proficient in Mandarin and aimed to provide requisite support to Chinese investors for registration of their businesses in Pakistan.

Besides, Company Incorporation Guide in Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu and Spanish languages are also available at SECP’s website, it added.

SECP informed that 2,349 new companies were registered in February 2022, raising the total number of registered companies to 163,333.

The accumulated capitalization (paid-up-capital) of newly incorporated companies is Pakistani Rs 2.2 billion, added SECP.

In February, about 62 percent companies were registered as private limited companies, while 35 percent were registered as single member companies while remaining 3 percent were registered as public unlisted companies, not for profit associations, trade organizations, foreign companies and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

About 99.5 percent of companies were registered online and 236 foreign users were registered from overseas.

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