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Kabul only banned ‘Specific Secular Liberal Education’: UK Cleric

Kabul only banned 'Specific Secular Liberal Education': UK Cleric

KABUL: Shaykh Hamid Mahmood, a member of the delegation of British religious scholars who recently came to Kabul, said that all girls go to schools up to age 10 or 11 in Afghanistan and girls can continue education in specific subjects and he added that education has not completely stopped.

Shaykh Hamid said: “It’s a temporary suspension not on education, temporary suspension on specific secular liberal education.”

5Pillars, a Muslim news site, shared a video in which Shaykh Hamid Mahmood said Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told him that girls in Afghanistan still have different routes to education, even up to university age.

This comes as the girls’ students above grade six once again reiterated their demand that the interim government reopen their schools.

They said that they have been facing mental pressure due to the closure of their schools and for being in an uncertain future.

“The Islamic Emirate should reopen the schools and universities for the girls, so they can attempt to have a better future, ” said Marriam Noori, a student.

“We should be allowed to work and get an education because it has been more than two years since the girls and women have been deprived of their education and work,” said Madiha Yousufzai, a student.

This comes as the girls’ students above grade six have been deprived of going to schools after the Islamic Emirate takeover of Afghanistan. The female students are also not allowed to attend their universities.

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