Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Gas crisis will not end even by 2030: Ogra


ISLAMABAD, APR 03, (DNA) – Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has forecasted that gas crisis will not end even in next 13 years whereas shortfall would soar to 6.71 billion cubic feet in same period.

By 2030, local consumption of gas would stand at 5.28 billion cubic feet daily whereas local production would stand at just 1.40 billion cubic feet. According to a report, LNG will meet 1800 MMFCD, TAPI will meet 1325 MMFCD and IP will meet 750MMFCD of gas needs.

The report further narrates that overall gas consumers in country stand at 80,89,000, out of which home users make 79,97,000, commercial connections make 81, 384 industrial connections make 10,862. Need for industrial sector would increase to 2.49 billion cubic feet from 1.93 billion cubic feet.

Report states that gas companies are distributing 300,000 new gas connections annually.

Local gas shortfall is feared to be increased by 2.33 billion cubic feet on daily basis. Despite ban from Prime Minister (PM), new gas connections are being distributed on political basis. Ministry of petroleum has not paid heed to find new gas reserves in Pakistan, rather focus has been on gas import.

It should be recalled that current gas shortfall stands at 1.72 billion cubic feet. Gas need stands at 5.85 billion cubic feet whereas production is 4.13 billion cubic feet.=DNA


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