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Farewell Dinner: Bilawal thanks Intl’ fraternity for cooperation

Recognizes diplomatic corps role in cementing relations; extended gratitude to the friendly countries

Ansar M Bhatti

ISLAMABAD, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday said that during the last 15 months of the incumbent government, Pakistan’s engagement with the world improved, though the true potential of its relationship could not be unlocked.

The foreign minister, addressing the dinner reception hosted by him for the diplomatic corps in the federal capital, said that during his tenure, he tried to restore the engagement with the countries.

He said that he was shocked to see the immense potential for Pakistan in the countries he had been visiting during the last 15 months, he added.

Calling it an honor to serve as the foreign minister, he spoke high for the Pakistan’s diplomats and officers for their efforts to contribute to the working of the foreign affairs ministry.

He told the diplomats that he tried to run the ministry purely on professional terms isolating it from the domestic politics.

Coming to the international scenario, the foreign minister said the modern world challenges were not restrained by the borders and exemplified climate change-induced catastrophic floods in Pakistan.

He said the issue of the climate change could not be addressed in isolation rather it required concerted efforts.

Recalling Pakistan’s role at the COP27, the foreign minister said the outcome of the meeting had not been possible without the the support form other participating countries.

Foreign Minister Bilawal extended gratitude to the friendly countries for their support to Pakistan enabling it to reach the agreement with International Monetary Fund.

He told the gathering that the country was heading towards elections and for any government, the only way to deliver was to focus on goals and aims by strengthening the institutions including the federal and provincial parliaments.

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