Friday, December 1, 2023
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Denmark supports Pakistan for policy reforms: envoy

Denmark envoy

ISLAMABAD, SEPT 08 (DNA) – Pakistan has a young and vibrant population of around 190 million, and it is expected to be the world’s fourth largest by 2025.

The demand for energy is significantly higher than the production in Pakistan and the country is currently facing an Energy Crisis, with an estimated 7.5 Giga watt shortage.

It is estimated that the country loses up to 3% of its GDP per annum because of power shortages.

To highlight potential solutions for the Energy Sector in Pakistan, the Royal Danish Embassy, in collaboration with the global industry leader, Ramboll A/S Denmark, organised a series of seminars and business meetings in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad this week.

Speaking at the seminar in Islamabad, Ambassador Mr. Ole Thonke of the Royal Danish Embassy said, through private sector engagement, The Government of Denmark is facilitating support to Pakistan not only for Energy production but also for policy reforms, safety enhancements and load and grid management.

“Danish and Pakistani companies can forge partnerships in variety of sectors to benefit from each other’s competences”, Ole Thonke added.

The Government of Pakistan aims to end the energy crisis and load shedding by 2018, with their five-year energy plan and Government of Denmark is actively supporting the Government of Pakistan in achieving that goal.

While addressing the participants of the seminar Mr. Assar Qureshi, Commercial Counsellor at the Royal Danish Embassy, added that “Denmark is eager to further strengthen and enhance bilateral trade ties with Pakistan as the current level of bilateral trade, though steadily increasing, has much more potential to grow”.

He appreciated the visit of the Ramboll delegation together with their local partners Élan, led by Mr. Muhammad Ziauddin, by adding that it will help in developing and diversifying the energy sector in Pakistan.

Mogens Skov, Ramboll’s Global Division Director further added that “With many decades of experience with planning, design and implementation of sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions worldwide, Ramboll is in a great position to present a full spectrum of technologies and comprehensive solutions for the Pakistani market, particularly in the energy sector.”

The Embassy of Denmark has further delegations planned to Pakistan in the areas of water technology and agribusiness.=DNA

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