Friday, June 21, 2024
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Dark night of tyranny, repression will end soon

IHC suspends sentence of Imran Khan

PTI thanks God for Imran Khan, Qureshi’s acquittal in cipher case

PTI Spokesperson urges court to swiftly dispose of all cases to ensure Khan’s, others’ prompt release

ISLAMABAD, JUN 3 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) expressed gratitude to Allah for the acquittal of its Founding Chairman Imran Khan and Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi in the fabricated cipher case, requesting the court to expedite the hearing of all their remaining concocted and fake cases so as to ensure the prompt release of all unjustly imprisoned PTI leaders and workers, including the Founding Chairman and Vice Chairman.

PTI Spokesperson, in his reaction to the Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) verdict declaring Imran Khan and Qureshi’s conviction in the infamous cipher case void, said that Imran Khan and his companion, who were unjustly imprisoned in Adiala jail, were a living metaphor of determination, courage, political maturity and character.

He stated that with the blessings of Allah and the prayers of the nation, especially mothers, sisters and daughters, all the false, fake, fabricated, baseless and absurd cases were briskly crumbling one after another like sand wall.

Praising PTI Founding Chairman for his courage, PTI Spokesperson made it clear that Imran Khan was standing on his stated and principled position like a rock instead of bowing down to the worst political revenge and bare lawlessness and looking for escape route from the country under the guise of an illness or hiding behind a humiliating and shameful NRO.

He stated that first, the state’s false narrative about Toshakhana case evaporated into thin air and today by the grace of Allah, two years of hard work and efforts of Jungle Raj in the cipher case were swept away into the sewerage system of the federal capital.

PTI Spokesperson said that even in bogus and fake Iddat case, PTI Founding Chairman and his honorable wife would have been vindicated if the trial court judge had not been prevented from pronouncing the verdict and the case had not been transferred to a new judge.

He expressed optimism that the outcome of all 203 cases against the PTI Founding Chairman would be similar to the cipher case, with all of them eventually being dismissed and relegated to the dustbin.

PTI Spokesperson stated that Imran Khan freed the country’s politics from the clutches of tyranny of non-political orbits and unconstitutional gifts by demanding justice for himself from the justice system that is in the grip of jungle rule and recognizing the people and only the people as the decisive force of the country. Justice

PTI Spokesperson expressed hope that the dark night of tyranny and repression would end soon and the bright morning of justice, constitution, law, democracy and public rule would dawn.

He requested that judiciary should quickly dispose of the false, fabricated and politically motivated cases against all the political prisoners including PTI Founding Chairman and Vice Chairman to ensure their earliest release from unlawful incarceration.

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