Sunday, September 25, 2022
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CES 2022: Cadillac InnerSpace, a luxurious electric car concept

Cadillac presented in CES 2022 a new automobile concept called InnerSpace, a futurist and sophisticated vehicle which, despite being a car, has no steering wheel and pedals, since it is an autonomous car designed for two passengers for them to transport with luxury and comfort. “Two-person electric luxury concept offers a vision of future personal mobility focused on elevating the passenger experience”, said Cadillac in a press release. Additionally, Cadillac highlights that the InnerSpace concept focuses on offering a transportation experience where luxury and comfort are the lead. The automobile design would have a biometric identification system to give access to the passengers, who then would be offered an infotainment system with augmented reality and a panoramic screen with LED technology. The vehicleis designed on the Ultium platform that allows the use of batteries that have cells with modular design, which can stack vertically or horizontally. Cadillac notes that thanks to this feature, the InnerSpace concept manages to attain the look of a top-range sports car.

On the other hand, one of the things that stand out from the exterior design of the car is the crystal panoramic ceiling that can raise like a convertible car. Cadillac is trying to give the feeling that traveling in the InnerSpace allows you to enjoy the scenery, almost like the journey is being made within a crystal capsule.

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Of course, this automobile is just a concept right now, but there is no doubt that this clearly shows Cadillac’s idea as to how ultraluxe cars of the future will be like: namely vehicles in which traveling will be like staying in a luxurious hotel room.

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