Friday, September 29, 2023
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Iran wants peaceful relations with Saudi Arabia: President Rouhani

ISLAMABAD, MAR 26 (DNA) – The President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has said Iran does not want any tension with Saudi Arabia. Saud Arabia is an important regional country and we want to work with everybody for the regional peace. Pakistan has also tried to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran and we appreciate these efforts.
The President of Iran was addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Saturday.
The Iranian president to a question said I think I have already answered these questions. The problems are not coming from the Iranian side. There are some people who use Pakistani soil to enter Iran and do activities inside Iran. We look for more cooperation with Pakistan especially to check these border issues.
About situation in Afghanistan the Iranian president said Pakistan is an important county in the region and likewise Iran is also an important country. We had discussions on Afghanistan with Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf also. We also explored possibilities of bilateral cooperation. In fact we have agreed on a tri-lateral meeting on Afghanistan.
Peace in Afghanistan is important for us because we all have been paying the price for instability in Afghanistan, he added. He said, he had fruitful discussions with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and I am hopeful we will soon sit together to seek stability in the region.
To yet another questions about possibility of establishing Pakistan, Iran economic corridor the Iranian president said after sanctions one of our main goals has been to have better economic cooperation with the regional countries. We certainly have a corridor connected to Chahabahar and Gwadar.=DNA

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