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Friday, January 15th, 2021


How Biden Can Navigate a New Era in South Korean Politics

China’s rise as the United States’ foremost foreign policy challenge means that, more than ever, South Korea is an important U.S. ally whose geopolitical position and democratic values have a key role in President-elect Joe Biden’s vision to “bring America back.” But significant domestic changes in Seoul over the last four years ensure there will be no easy rewind to the pre-Trump era. South Korea, now led by the single most powerful ruling party in the entire democratic history of that country, has new instincts that have grand policy implications for U.S.-ROK relations. The incoming Biden administration urgently needs to understandRead More

COVID vaccine trial to end this week in Pakistan

Abid Raza LAHORE: The phase III clinical trials for a Chinese coronavirus vaccine candidate at the Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad will end this week.   The lead physician of the clinical trial, Dr Ejaz A Khan told that the Ad5-nCoV vaccine is developed by CanSino Biologics and a research unit backed by the Chinese military.   “The trials began in September last year with a target of 17,500 volunteers.”   The physician, who is also the chairman of infection control at the hospital, said the sample will beRead More

Indonesia’s Ties With Bahrain Slowly Gather Steam

Over the past year, Indonesia’s ties with the Arab Gulf states have been in the spotlight, from Abu Dhabi’s recent naming of a street after Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to last month’s discussions between Indonesian officials and their counterparts from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates about investment opportunities in Southeast Asia’s most populous nation.

North Korea Holds Nighttime Military Parade After Party Congress

North Korea held a military parade to commemorate the ruling Workers’ Party’s Eighth Congress, with leader Kim Jong Un in attendance, on the evening of January 14. This is the first time that North Korea has held a military parade to commemorate a Party Congress. North Korea’s state media reported on January 15 that the country’s military parade was held at Kim Il Sung Square in the capital Pyongyang the previous day. According to sources from the South Korean government, the military parade began around between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.Read More

London HC’s letter raises questions on NAB’s role during Broadsheet case

ISLAMABAD, JAN 15 (DNA) – The role of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has come under the radar in the Broadsheet case on Friday after a letter sent from Pakistan’s High Commission in London in December 2020 emerged today. According to a private television channel report, a letter of the high commission sent to the NAB, foreign ministry, attorney general, and finance division of the country via fax on December 30. It said that the UBL had warned them regarding a payment to the Broadsheet, to which the bank was conveyedRead More

PPP to Enhance Contact with Student Organisations, Sherry

DNA Islamabad, January 15, 2020: Engaging in a group interaction with students from various organizations, Parliamentary Leader of the PPP in the Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman said, “ we are always very happy to meet with student leaders and youth associations who want to engage in constructive politics and build on democratic institutions . She said Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has always been keen to support student bodies, youth leaders and the PPP is committed to creating a culture of critical thought, progressive politics and openness for the huge youthRead More