Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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1456 driving license cancelled over repeated violations

1456 driving license cancelled over repeated violations

ISLAMABAD, NOV 07 (DNA) — Islamabad Capital Police takes effective action against drivers violating traffic rules. During the ongoing year a strict action against traffic rules violators, the driving license of 1,546 law breakers and 418 public service vehicles permits have been suspended for serious violations, a police public relations officer said.

He said that, following the special directions of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the Islamabad capital police have issued thousands of challan tickets for various violations so far, including over-speeding, red signal, lane discipline, signal violation, zebra crossing and one-way violations.

Under the e-challan system, 1,456 driving licenses have been suspended on the basis of deduction of 10 points registered on driving licenses and 418 public service permits of vehicles have been suspended for serious violations of traffic. These suspended licenses include Islamabad and other district licenses.

While, in this regard legal notices have also been issued to the law breakers for serious violations of traffic rules, if the response is not received, the driving license will be suspended.

Due to the effective strategy of the e-challan system and the data link with the Excise and Taxation department, fatal accidents and other traffic violations have been significantly reduced.

A copy of the challan for non-payment on time is being pasted in the master file of the vehicle with the help of excise and taxation office and it has been ensured that the owners under the challan will not be able to transfer the vehicle or motorcycle to another person until they pay the fine amount.

Chief Traffic Officer Islamabad said that the safe city e-challan system is getting substantial results and due to excellent monitoring under the e-challan system, fatal accidents and other violations of laws are being reduced significantly.

Ensuring the safety of life and property of citizens and maintaining an integrated traffic system in the city is one of the top priorities of Islamabad Capital Police, he maintained. — DNA

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