Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Work begins on beautiful wooden railings to further renovate Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ -On the special directions of CDA Management, various types of beautiful wooden structures have been started on major highways and intersections across the city to make Islamabad more beautiful and attractive.  Railing work has started, the installation process of which will begin as soon as possible.
On the direction of CDA Management, the M&RM Department has started the work of installation of beautiful wooden railings. It should be noted that these railings are not only used for safety along bridges and drains across Islamabad. It will be an example of friendly environment and beauty that will make the viewer’s eyes look attractive and captivating. In addition, it will also highlight Pakistani culture and civilization.
In addition, wooden railings will reflect the green effect and greenery, as well as help guide tourists.
In this regard, the CDA Administration while issuing instructions to the concerned department said that the work should be completed soon.

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