Saturday, April 20, 2024
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War against Iran started on limited basis, battlefield is Pakistan

 Antwerp (DNA/UNN) International mediator Mohammad Faisal revealed in his interview that Imperial Powers have started limited war against Iran and Abbas Town incident is the reference in this context.

Pakistan Peoples Party is based upon Shia sect majority and Abbas town happening is the massacre of Shia sect in the PPP government. It is clear indication that Shia sect should adopt a joint communique and start seviour fight for their existence.

The result would be forming a government like Lebanon and Iraq, where the massacre of one community in the name of other community is routine, Nuclear arsenal is not safe, so the only Islamic Country having this capability of Nuclear weapon should be deprived of it. Game plan is set and the war is started.

Talking with EU Journalist Baber Azad Faisal Muhammed said that Religious parties of Pakistan should come forward to play their part. Muhammad Faisal categorically emphasized that USA has reservations on Pak Iran agreement. If this agreement is cancelled and stopping the Drone attack agreement is signed then USA will immediately agree on that and shall improve the power needs of Pakistan.

Asking about Musharraf’s Faisal Muhammed who is holding an status of central Leader of PML (Zia) said if Perwaiz Musharraf , Allama Tahir ul Qadri, Imran Khan Ijaz ul Haq and MQM may have joint election campaign then Pakistan can get rid of few families politics.

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