Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Foundation stone of Pak Iran gas project a tactical move??

Analysis: A.M.BHATTI

TEHRAN (DNA) – Foundation stone of Pakistan Iran gas pipeline was laid on Monday when president of both countires unveiled the plaque. The project is scheduled to complete in two years. The porject will be completed at the cost of USD  1.3 billion. A large number of Pakistani parliamentarians accompanied the president.The move is termed tactical political gimmick of President Zardari because he knows the project will be completed during the tenure of next government. If elections take place on time PML N is better poised to form the next government and the question is will it bepossible for the Nawaz government to carry forward the project amdist severe opposition from both the US and Saudi Arabia.

So President Zardari, according to political analysts, has played his cards rightly and put Nawaz Sharif, and for that matter whosoever forms the next government, in trouble. Analysts say the projectd is to be completed in twoyears and had President Zardari and his party been serious in completing the project they would have done it as soo as they had taken over the reigns of power back in 2008. But they did not do that becasue of pressure of US and Saudi Arabia.

Now they have laid the foundation stone becasue they know they will not form the next government and they have nothing to loose even if they lay the foundation stone. According to analysts even the US and Saudis had no problems with the laying of foundation stone. The real problem will start when the project is carried forward on Pakistani side. The US has clearly indicated slapping sanctions on Pakistan in case it did not budge from the project.

The project in itslef is very fruitful and every Paksitani wants this to complete sooner rather than later. But the qeustion is will the new government will have guts and will to go ahead with this project?

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