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Waqar Bakhtawri takes oath as President CCCI for Year 2022-23


CHAKWAL: Known Businessman and Industrialist Waqar Zafar Bakhtawri has taken oath as President Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) for the year 2022-23.

The newly elected President of Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry ,while addressing his Oath-taking ceremony said that as the President of Chakwal Chamber of Commerce, he will fulfill his vision to make Chakwal Chamber of Commerce one of the most advanced industrial hubs in the world. He said that commercial and economic development is not possible without being connected to the modern global supply chain, therefore, according to his vision, he will make the business community of Chakwal an major players in the global market by connecting the business community of Chakwal to the global supply chain, keeping in view the modern industrial and commercial principles.

Meanwhile high commissioners and ambassadors including Mr. Khazar Farhadov,Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Mr.Mohamed Karmoune, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Dean of Africa, Mr. Abioye Mohammed Bello,the high commissioner   of NIGERIA,Mr.  Yerzhan Kistafin the ambassador of Kazakhstan,Mr. Jemal Beker Abdula, Ambassador of Ethipoia, Mr. Tapas Adhikari Ambassador of Nepal, Ms Mary Nyambura Kamal high commissioner of Kenya ,Muhammad Zeeshan Hanif , Deputy Commissioner Chakwal and Business leaders from Federation Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and all major chamber participated in the Oath- taking ceremony of President CCCI here.

On the occasion President CCCI said Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry is playing an important role in the development of trade and industrial activities in the region, besides promoting exports.

In this modern world better institutions, trade and investment are the key ingredients for any nation to become prosperous, he said.

Waqar Zafar said the promotion of business, trade and investment in the country will ultimately ensure political and economic stability.

He said that it is vital for Pakistan to maintain and enhance cordial relations with the international world.

The purpose of today’s gathering is in this regard to make better cooperation between our business community members and the diplomatic community, he said.

President CCCI said that currently, Pakistan is having an economic crisis however, we all know that businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and there is a dire need to enhance our relations with various countries.

He said that many areas that need to be addressed through development activities designed to ensure a prosperous economy.

The business and industrial sectors are the backbone of the country’s economy. He said that the country grows when the industry grows, consequently, the government should take every step possible to promote business and industry by setting up new industrial estates and economic zones in chakwal for the promotion of exports and industrialization.

Waqar Zafar said the creation of new industrial estates and economic zones Overseas Businessmen will get more businesses investment, more job opportunities will be created in Chakwal.

He said that Chakwal has immense potential for tourism as it has Katas Raj Temples , Kalar Kahar and Number of beautiful lakes and small dams. There are unlimited tourism opportunities which need to be developed.

The Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry will cooperate with other chambers in preparation of proposals for taxation matters, budgetary recommendations and other national policies Chakwal chambers will also evolve a unified strategy on the issues of traders, which will help to run their businesses in a smooth manner, he added.

Chakwal chamber of commerce under construction building will play a significant role in the industrial and commercial  development of the city.As a president of Chakwal CCCI will accelerate  the construction and completion process and fulfill the expectations of the business community of chakwal.

He said that it is great honor for me to speak on this august occasion organized by Chakwal Chamber of commerce and industry where ambassadors, high commissioners, and inspiring business leaders are present.”I would like to especially thanked to the high commissioners and ambassador who especially drive long to attend this Special Event and I thanked them all on behalf of family.

He also paid tribuate to the business community of chakwal specially Qazi Muhammad  Akber , khawaj Arif ,khurram Kamran and shahzad Sadaat for showing their confidence on me and  electing me as President of Chakwal CCCI.

On this occasion, former President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zafar Bakhtavari said that Chakwal Chamber of Commerce can play a fundamental role in the country’s economic development. He said that today there are diplomats from different regions of the world, including diplomats from Africa, Central Asia and South Asia, who will ensure that they communicate with the Chakwal Chamber of Commerce in their regional markets. will play an important role. He said that high commissioners and ambassadors of friendly countries including Azerbaijan, Morocco, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nepal are present here and we are deeply grateful to them.

Meanwhile, Vice President Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Qazi M. Akbar said that Chakwal Chamber of Commerce has great potential in terms of trade and industry.

He said that there is a dire need for an industrial estate here and there are immense opportunities for tourism here.

He said that Chakwal Chamber of Commerce has delivered 30 million rupees in the form of aid to the affected areas during the current flood situation in the country.

Meanwhile, Ambassador and High Commissioners of Azerbaijan, Morocco, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Nepal expressed their opinion and said that they will take concrete steps to connect Chakwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry with their domestic markets.

They said that Chakwal has immense potential for trade and expansion, which he will play his best role to improve.

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