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US Ambassador announces new initiatives to strengthen counter terrorism cooperation

United States supports South Punjab and honors Multan Heritage: Ambassador Blome

Quetta, NOV 20 /DNA/ – Today in Quetta, U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Donald A. Blome unveiled four important initiatives to bolster the capabilities of Pakistani law enforcement in their efforts to safeguard local communities.  

  • Anti-Terrorist Force Training Facility Expansion:  A $4 million assistance package will facilitate the expansion of Balochistan Police’s Anti-Terrorist Force training facility, doubling its current capacity, and allowing simultaneous instruction for an additional 800 trainees. 
  • Upgraded Police Stations:  The United States allocated $2 million to repair and upgrade 10 flood-damaged police stations.  These facilities will include modern infrastructure, such as digital record management and support for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, thereby supporting more responsive service to local communities.  The facilities will also feature dedicated gender desks that will provide a private space for vulnerable populations to report crimes and receive special care for problems or injuries resulting from those crimes.
  • Construction of New Police Stations:  An additional $2 million will be dedicated to constructing 10 new police stations to improve service to women, girls, and all Pakistanis. 
  • Equipment Support:  Recognizing the risks faced by law enforcement officers, the United States announced a $250,000 equipment grant to better protect enforcement officers as they undertake their duties. 

These projects are funded and will be implemented in collaboration with the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL).  INL currently provides approximately $20 million in assistance nationwide.   

In addition to announcing the new initiatives, Ambassador Blome, along with Inspector General of Police Shaikh and representatives from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), inaugurated Balochistan’s first Women and Juvenile Facilitation Center.  This Center was constructed in collaboration with UNODC and enhances the ability of law enforcement to protect and serve women and girls. 

During the trip, Ambassador Blome also met with Chief Minister of Balochistan Ali Mardan Khan Domki.  Discussions covered a range of topics including U.S. assistance programs, and the Ambassador reaffirmed strong U.S. support for the economic development of all parts of Pakistan, including Balochistan.

The United States and Pakistan have cooperated on civilian security and rule of law for more than 40 years.  Our partnership improves justice institutions and providing law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to secure Pakistan’s border, fight narcotics trafficking, and combat terrorism.  Taken together, these efforts protect Pakistan’s citizens and make Pakistan safer, stronger, and more secure. 

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