Friday, May 20, 2022
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Turkish president stresses need for globally accepted ‘digital legal order’

The Turkish president on Monday stressed the need for a globally accepted digital legal order established by a consensus of all countries worldwide.

“The world is going full throttle towards a new era built on digital technologies,” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told the Forum Metaverse event organized by Turkey’s Justice and Development (AK) Party in the capital Ankara.

“As the rulers of countries, our duty is to prepare our own people, our own young people especially, for this inevitable future in the most correct, safest, strongest, best-equipped way,” he added.

No matter how costly the infrastructure preparation for technology is, he said, content production is also a strategic, critical, and vital aspect of the business.

“In addition to producing technological infrastructure, we want to ensure that we create content and platforms that can be used by ourselves, then our domain, and finally the whole world,” he said.

He added that Turkey’s main goal is to build this production on the accumulation of its own civilization, culture, and values.

“Since there is now a growing reality of a digital economy and the truth of a digital culture, it is impossible to solve these problems without establishing a legal digital order that all countries will accept and stand behind by consensus.

“Our duty is to take care of our own people and our own children in this chaotic digital climate, as well as to create opportunities that will allow them to take part in and even ahead of global developments,” he stressed.

“Like every field, in the digital world, if you don’t have your own infrastructure, your own media, your own human power, that is, if you don’t stand on domestic and national feet, you’re in for a disaster,” he cautioned.

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