Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Turkey to host 2022 Amputee Football World Cup

ANKARA – Turkey will host the 2022 Amputee Football World Cup, the country’s youth and sports minister announced on Friday.

“Today, we are hosting the Amputee Football Champions League in Gaziantep. We will hold the Amputee Football World Championship in Turkey in October 2022. I want to share the good news with our sports community,” Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu said at the opening ceremony of the European Amputee Football Federation (EAFF) Champions League in the southern Gaziantep province.

Kasapoğlu expressed satisfaction with the significant progress of Gaziantep towards becoming a sports city.

He said they continue to build facilities in Gaziantep in order to enhance sports tourism, adding that they want to raise the bar in the city as they do all over the country.

“Together with our youth, we want to bring Turkey to very high standards …. We will build the future of Turkey together again. Sport means brotherhood, health, unity and solidarity,” Kasapoğlu added.

The sports minister also welcomed the athletes from different regions and wish them success in the tournament.

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