Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Turkish president Erdogan message on Foundation day Turkey



ISLAMABAD, NOV 01 (DNA) –  President of Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN has said  “Today, October 29, marksthe 93rd anniversary of thefoundation of our latest state, theRepublic of Turkey proclaimed undertheleadership of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The Turkish nation, which has nevergiven in to bondages anddictations, crownedthewar of liberation that it launched againsttheinvaders targeting its liberation andfuture with a heroicvictoryunprecedented in history.

Afterthis glorious victory, on 29 October 1923, weestablishedtheRepublic of Turkey on theprinciple of “sovereigntybelongs unconditionally to thenation” andwiththe aim of raising our nationabovethe level of contemporarycivilizations.

WeconsiderourRepublic as an achievement of our 2200-year oldstatetradition and one-thousand-years of SeljuqandOttomanheritage, attainedunder thedifficultconditions of thosedays.

The Republic of Turkey has progressedby overcoming allthe difficulties it has faced duringthese 93 years and, thanks to recentbreakthroughs in particular, it has now accomplished to stand amongthe rising powers of theworld.

Turkey, withitsgrowingeconomy, strongdemocracy, itscommitment to fundamental humanvaluesandprincipledandvisionaryforeignpolicy, continues be an inspiration to its regionand to the World alsotoday.

The recenteventsthattookplace on thenight of July 15, 2016 reaffirmedbeyondanydoubt how theTurkishnation is unified with its state.

Thatnight, ournation demonstrated to thewholeworldthat it wouldfight against thenewinvasionattempts as resolutely as in theWar of Liberation.

The tenacity of the Turkish people, who defendedfiercelyitsfreedom, democracy, governmentandstate, usingtheir body as a shieldagainst thearms of FETO member (Gulenist) traitors areourgreatestassurances on thepath to achieving our 2023 vision forthe 100thanniversary of theRepublic of Turkey.

I am honoured to be thePresident of thisgreatStateandheroicnation.


I believethat, wherevertheyare in theworld, allourcitizensandfriendsareproud of theepicwhichwaswritten on 15 Julybyournation.

Wehavereachedthe 93rd anniversary of ourRepublicafterhavingovercomesuch a crisiswhichwas not only a coupattemptandterroristattack but also an invasionattempt.

My fellowcitizensandfriends, be assuredthatTurkey is a stronger, moreastuteandmoreresolutecountrytodaythanthemorning of 15 July.

No attackagainstourunity, solidarity, brotherhood, homeland, liberation andfuture will ever be successful.

Neitherterroristorganizationsnortheones exploitingthemwill be able to prevent us fromachievingourgoals.

Withthesefeelingsandthoughts, I cordiallycongratulate allourcitizensliving in Turkeyandabroad on theRepublicDay.

We commemorate withgratitudeandblessingallourveterans, particularly Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, thefounder of ourRepublic, whodevotedlyfought to maketheseterritoriesourhomeland, andallour fallen whosacrificedtheirlivesforthiscause.

I extendmydeepestgratitude to ourheroic nationprotectingthe heritage of ourancestors, and to allourfriendssupporting us by theirprayers.

Happy 29 OctoberRepublicDay!


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