Friday, December 8, 2023
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Sewing machines distributed among transgender community

sewing machines for transgender community

PESHAWAR SEPT 28 (DNA) -The Youth Parliament Alumni Association PILDAT in collaboration with the TransAction KP and Blue Veins distributed 25 sewing machines to the transgender community in Press Club, Peshawar.

The funds came from YPAA members itself and the common citizens of Pakistan.

The step was a humble gesture to show solidarity on behalf of youth with the transgender community.

The main agenda was to send a message that we believe in equal human rights and provision of fair chances of earning a livelihood through alternative means.

The Secretary General YPAA Ibrahim Khan also presented his fruitful thoughts by demanding the legal protection and recognition of Transgender Community at state level.

The Government should make Health and Education policies for these special people and protect their rights.

The white house hosted its first conference on transgender issues in 2011 and appointed two openly transgender officials to serve in Administrative posts. Jennifer Peace is US Army officer one of battalion’s top Captains is also belongs to this community and there are many other examples in other societies but what here in Pakistan the most problem is recognition of these people as part of society.

The Stories of these people will make you cry. All humans are equal without any discrimination.=DNA


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