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The Quaid’s Vision Lives on by Ehtisham Amir

Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was interviewed by a foreign journalist who was unable to fathom the philosophy of the Two Nation Theory and was insisting that Hindus were docile people and Muslims had nothing to worry from them. The Quaid replied “You have only seen slave Hindu, you have no idea what Hindu is when he is a master”.

Well, those who did not respect the Quaid should start paying homage to his vision. Sana Ullah, a Pakistani imprisond in Indian jail is the latest testimony to the vision of the Quaid.

Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani national. He chose to commit atrocious acts, under whatever motivation or direction, was a lone wolf and a non state actor. He met his fate through judicial process in India. His family must have mourned him since he must have meant a lot to them. But Pakistani nation and our media did not raise hue and cry on it. Not that whole Pakistani nation divorced a fellow Pakistani. But we collectively sided with law, morality and displayed our contempt for acts of terrorism. In fact, our own channels were responsible to break Ajmal’s identity and his native town to the world.

Take late Sirbijit Singh, who met an unfortunate and violent death while imprisoned in Pakistan. He was a terrorist of a superior class than Ajmal Kasab. He was sent by RAW which is now acclaiming him as one of their fallen hero. Does this divulge what is being said in between the line? Well, the official and ceremonial burial bestowed on Sirbijit Singh is the further testimony to the fact that he was acting not as a lone crusader but under direction and tutelage of state agency. But world still remembers Ajaml Kasab as Pakistani terrorists and Sirbijit is just an innocent Indian who mistakenly came to Pakistan? This world has never been a just place, to begin with.

But when our courts handed death sentence to Sirbijit Singh, he is suddenly turned into a case of testing our compassion. And all kinds of appeals for clemency start to flood Pakistan. His family members are covered in our media begging for mercy. Mercy? Clemency? What on earth was that for? Siribijit Singh was a terrorist convicted by courts and sentenced to death as was Ajmal Kasab. But Ajmal Kasab was an unfortunate man, son of a lesser god. He was not granted the clemency and his plea for mercy was rejected by Indian President in 2012.

But then who would call us Pakistani if we did not create a problem out of a solution. Sirbijit Singh’s death sentence was changed to life imprisonment by President Zardari in Jun 2012 (giving a favour which India refused to return). That decision laid the foundation stone of the current state of affairs we are into. Had Sirbijit been executed as per the court verdict, we would have been saved of the awkwardness of his unfortunate and violent death by his inmates. The fact that Sirbijit met with a voilent end cannot be condoned. He should have been kept in safe custody to complete his punishment term. His death has brought negative focus on Pakistan and our state apparatus. What is surprising however is our media covered Sirbijit day in and day out from the time he was injured till his death and subsequent ferrying of his corpse to India. Breaking news was aired about any trivial aspect of Sirbijit’s health or state. But unfortunately, same media is maintaining relative silence when it comes to covering a poor Pakistani, brutally assaulted in Indian prison. Is it that media busy covering the buildup to election? Or perhaps we “care” for “guests” more than our own people?

It is state TV channels that are keeping the story of Sana Ullah alive. Left on to our private channels, Sana Ullah could have been easily brushed aside. Election hype could have conveniently overshadowed the plight of a fellow Pakistani. This by no means is an exception rather a pattern that anything which portrays us as unholy, savage and extremist gets out of proportion coverage. But same act committed by India is brushed under the carpet. Take the case of match fixing or corruption in cricket. When it involves a Pakistani, whole world media, and our media is no exception, shout foul. But when the same allegations are leveled against Indian players, the matter is tactfully silenced. It is good to be self critical with intent to improve but not to project one’s self through the lens of our enemies.

Though this may seem too bizarre, it is considered that Indian authorities are seeking time to on this issue. Sana Ullah has been declared clinically dead but is reportedly on life support equipment. If he is declared dead now, Pakistani media and to some extent foreign media will also cover the story. May 11 has approached and to mitigate the negative coverage in media, Indians will declare him dead around May 11 and his death will be lost in the hype of election results and analysis. Week from May 10-17 will be devoted to news and views on elections and no other news can compete for attention. Since death of Sana Ullah will not be covered effectively, he will be soon forgotten and consigned to the dust bin of history. Aren’t we reminded of a famous line of stanza “Khoon e Khaak Nasheena tha, Rizqe Khaak” loosely translating as death or sorrows of the downtrodden are conveniently forgotten.

This brings back the sour question in focus again; why do Indians maltreat our nationals so conveniently and get away with it and no eyebrows are raised by our media and human rights activists. Where are all those cohorts of Sirbijit Singh’s, pleading mercy for him, declaring Sirbijit as a case to normalize relations with India? Sirbijit’s sister would never have imagined such generous media coverage in any other country. Can someone point out any other country which gives coverage to an enemy of the state and its innocent people? Why are our liberals maintaining silence now? Is it beyond their mandate to raise their voice for one of their own? Who on earth is asking for exoneration of Sana Ullah. The only demand of any thinking mind is that our media, “liberals and human rights activists” should maintain uniform set of values and standards.

What the Quaid had foreseen and assimilated by living within and among Hindus, our pseudo liberals are not ready to accept despite tons of evidences. Be it desecration of Babri Mosque , Indian Gujarat carnage of 2002 or unfortunate but very well planned terrorist attack on Samjhota Express in 2007, these all are the manifestation of mindset which was vivid on our Quaid but has not permeated in the minds of our liberals and activists. India will use its media to give some ugly twist to Sana Ullah’s gory episode and will still declare itself as righteous and noble. We on the contrary will continue to be made fool by our neo liberals and Aman Ki Asha.

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