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Shaukat Agricultural Industry Revealed Its New Farming Tool at an Expo

Shaukat Agricultural Industry

Shaukat Agricultural Industry unveiled its new invention, the Rotary Slasher, at an agricultural expo in the Chiniot district on Friday, February 16. The expo, organized by the Chiniot district Agriculture Department and local farmers, unfolded just outside Bhawana city, showcasing a diverse range of farming machinery and products from both big and small companies such as Fauji Fertilizer Company, Engro Fertilizers, Syngenta, Tara Group, Bayer, and Millat Tractors.

The Rotary Slasher, crafted by Shaukat Agricultural Industry, is a modern farming tool designed to cut and clear grass, crops, and weeds in Pakistani fields. Its horizontally spinning blades, powered by a tractor or similar machinery, have gained popularity among farmers for simplifying field maintenance and promoting optimal crop growth by managing vegetation. Particularly useful in regions where manual labor is challenging or time-consuming, this tool allows farmers to save time and energy while efficiently tending to their fields, ultimately boosting agricultural productivity in Pakistan.

Shaukat Industry has a strong track record of manufacturing and delivering essential farming equipment across the country. Notable among its offerings are tractor-mounted items like Trolleys (18 ft), Trailers (30 ft), Hydraulic Tipping Trolleys (12, 14, 16, 18 ft), Bumpers, Rotavator, Reapers, Plows, Cultivators, Blades, Tractor Hooks, Seats, & Roofs, Threshers, and much more.

In Punjab, where farming equipment manufacturers often mimic existing designs, Shaukat Industry has earned its place as a leader. Situated on Jhang-Chiniot Road in Bhawana, it has become one of the top companies specializing in the manufacturing of rotary slashers in Pakistan. Locally known as Shaukat Zarai Industry, it continues to play a pivotal role in advancing farming technology in the country.

Shaukat Agricultural Industry was established in 1986 by Haji Shaukat Ali Lohar, a visionary from the Lohar family. The company traces its roots to his blacksmith father, Haji Ameer Ali. Starting as a small shop, Haji Shaukat Ali Lohar’s dedication transformed it into an industry within a few years. Personally overseeing the creation of each farming tool, he has set trends in the industry. Haji Shaukat Ali Lohar, the founder and CEO of Shaukat Agricultural Industry, is a prominent political and social figure in the district, adding to the company’s influence and impact on the local community.

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