Friday, April 19, 2024
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Senate passes resolution condemning Indian Leaders’

ISLAMABAD, 11 JUNE (DNA) – The Senate today passed a unanimous resolution strongly condemning the recent disturbing pattern of provocative and hostile statements by Indian leaders including threatening attacks against Pakistani territory.

The resolution was moved by Leader of the House Raja Zafarul Haq. The resolution said such crude attempts by India are unacceptable and Pakistan rejects this hegemonic mindset.

It said the House wishes to emphasis that Pakistan will never allow its territory to be violated by India under any pretext. The Pakistan armed forces are fully capable to give a befitting response to any incursion and Pakistani people stand shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces.

The resolution said such statements confirm Pakistan’s apprehensions about India’s intention to destabilize Pakistan. The House urged the international community to take note of such provocative statements which negatively affect the prospects for regional peace, sovereignty and stability.

The resolution said at a time when the entire Pakistani nation, particularly the armed forces are engaged in the battle against terrorism, Indian provocations are not only undermining Pakistan’s anti-terror campaign but actually aiding and abetting terrorists fighting against Pakistan.

Concluding the discussion, Leader of the House in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq said that being nuclear power Pakistan’s defence has been made indispensable.

He said that the statement of Indian Prime Minister is against the UN Charter. He said that India on one hand is making useless effort for becoming permanent member of UN Security Council and the other hand violating the UN Charter by carrying out human rights violations in Kashmir.

He said the security forces of Pakistan are engaged in fight against the terrorism to save the world from this menace. He said India’s activities to distract attention from the war are a crime against the humanity.

Raja Zafarul categorically stated that the whole nation stands side by side the armed forces of the country to foil nefarious designs of the enemies. DNA

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