Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Russian Center for Science and Culture in Karachi marks Uzbekistan Culture Day

Uzbekistan Culture Day

KARACHI, SEPT 3 /DNA/ — The Russian Center for Science and Culture in Karachi recently hosted a vibrant celebration of Uzbekistan Culture Day, graced by the presence of Vice Consul Ruslan Prokhorov of Russia. Organized with meticulous care by Fariha Aqib, Ranogul Khan, and Rida Alam, the event showcased the rich cultural tapestry of Uzbekistan.

The highlight of the celebration was an array of Uzbek cuisine and delicacies, including Kazan kabab, Hanum, Damlama, Naan, and Halwataar, presented in exquisite traditional Uzbek crockery. Attendees, including ladies and children, adorned themselves in the national dress known as Atdras, adding to the colorful festivities.

This cultural exchange exemplifies Russia’s generous spirit, as it consistently extends its hand in celebrating and appreciating diverse cultures with love, peace, and profound respect.

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