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RCCI to organize business opportunities conference in Cairo, Egypt

Rawalpindi /DNA/ – The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is taking a delegation of the Pakistani business community to Cairo, Egypt, for Pakistan- Egypt Business Opportunities Conference on September 7.

RCCI president Saqib Rafiq in a statement informed that the trade volume between Pakistan and Egypt is close to $400 million which can be increased to one billion dollars in couple of years and added that by enhancing trade cooperation with Egypt, Pakistan can get easy access to many African markets including Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Algeria.

Saqib Rafiq, said that with participation from esteemed Egyptian businessmen, the event is primed to set a new precedent in fostering bilateral economic growth and partnerships. He urged that both sides should focus on developing strong linkages between their private sectors in order to explore all untapped areas of trade promotion.

The conference, organized by RCCI, will witness the convergence of visionary entrepreneurs from both Pakistan and Egypt, he added.

He further added that on the sidelines of the Business Opportunity Conference, Business-to-business (B2B) meetings will also be held. This will provide an exclusive platform for delegates to establish meaningful connections and nurture potential partnerships, he remarked.

Prior to the conference, the RCCI leadership had a pivotal meeting with Tariq Muhammad Dehroug, the Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan, Sameh Ahmed El Ghamrawi, Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Mohamed Saad, Egyptian Defense Attaché.

These meetings served as an opportunity to discuss the substantial strides made in preparation for the event and highlight the monumental business prospects that await both nations, he added.

With a delegation numbering in the hundreds, RCCI’s efforts stand as a testament to its commitment to fostering economic growth and international collaborations. The Business Opportunities Conference in Cairo signifies a significant milestone in creating lasting partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

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