Monday, May 23, 2022
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Russia sets conditions

Wants limited NATO role in Eastern European countries

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MOSCOW: Russia on Friday released a series of demands to the United States and NATO if it is to restore relations. It comes as tensions between the West and Russia have ratcheted up, with fears of a military invasion of Ukraine and continuing hybrid warfare at the European Union’s external border with Belarus.

The Russian documents were submitted to the US and its allies earlier this week. The publication of unfinished agreements is an unusual move in international diplomacy. An end to NATO military activity in eastern Europe, including Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia

No expansion of NATO membership, particularly to Ukraine

No intermediate or shorter-range missiles deployed close enough to hit the territory of the other side

No military exercises of more than one military brigade in an agreed border zone 

An agreement that parties do not consider each other as adversaries and will resolve disputes peacefully

Neither Russia nor the United States can deploy nuclear weapons outside their national territories

What did Russia say?

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters Russia and the West needed to start afresh in rebuilding relations.

“The line pursued by the United States and NATO over recent years to aggressively escalate the security situation is absolutely unacceptable and extremely dangerous,” he said.

“Washington and its NATO allies should immediately stop regular hostile actions against our country, including unscheduled exercises … and maneuvers of military ships and planes, and stop the military development of Ukrainian territory.” Ryabkov said Russia was willing to start talks as soon as Saturday, and proposed Geneva as a venue.

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