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Eid ul Adha: When and where will cattle markets be set up in Karachi this year?

Eid ul Adha

KARACHI: Eid ul Adha is just around the corner and people, especially children, get excited about the sacrificial animals they will buy.

Some people purchase cows, some goats or sheep, while some opt for camels to sacrifice during Eid.

The management of the cattle market in Karachi has announced that it will set up the market in Taiser Town at Northern Bypass from May 10 this year.

According to the notification, ATMs and temporary branches of major banks will also be set up so that people can easily withdraw money if they purchase an animal for sacrifice.

Additionally, an ambulance will also be available for emergency medical assistance in the cattle market in case a mishap happens or someone gets injured.

Eid ul Adha will be celebrated in June but the central cattle market will be set up in the first week of May.

Moreover, the buyers and sellers will also be able to park their cars easily as there will be a vast area for parking. There will also be temporary food stalls.

Facilities for traders are also being increased including free supply of 30 litres of water per person along with free provision of land for cattle sheds.

Meanwhile, to ensure that the sacrificial animals remain healthy, they will be inspected. A certificate from the Veterinary Department will also be mandatory to confirm the animals are healthy.

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