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Role of World Organization for Animal Health is vital for rural poverty alleviation

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PARIS, MAY 21, (DNA) – Pakistan greatly values its partnership with World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) for its livestock development, disease control and overall poverty alleviation.
This was stated by Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research during his speech delivered at the 85th General Session of OIE in Paris, today. The event was attended by delegates from 180 countries besides observers from regional and international organizations.
While addressing the Plenary Session, the Minister said that the role of World Organization for Animal Health is vital for rural socioeconomic development, food security and poverty alleviation, particularly in developing countries like Pakistan.
He said that in Pakistan, socio economic development hinges upon livestock development as over 8 million families derive 35% of their income from this sector. Addressing the challenge of livestock diseases remains a priority area for the government. He commended OIE’s technical support for developing and implementing disease control strategies and policies in Pakistan. Minister informed the delegates that Pakistan was successfully freed from rinderpest disease in 2007 and bird flu in 2008. It has also initiated a national program to eliminate Foot and Mouth Disease in the country.
Minister hoped that OIE General Assembly will develop guidelines for the member states to organize their animal husbandry and treatment practices on more scientific lines to better safeguard the health of the livestock as well as of the human beings.
The Minister termed OIE a valuable forum to deliberate new ideas and solutions for addressing the existing problems and bridging the gaps for qualitative development of livestock sector, and for discussing and creating awareness for the challenges ahead.
The World Assembly of OIE Delegates establishes the policies of OIE, examines new inter-governmental standards covering animal and zoonotic disease control methods; safety of international trade in animal and animal products as well as animal welfare.

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